Our Plans


The Society for Southeast Asian Communities, Inc. aims to:

  • Foster partnerships and better understanding among Southeast Asian communities;
    Advocate programmes for the empowerment of Southeast Asian migrants and their communities;
  • Elevate the profile and status of Southeast Asian communities through constructive dialogues and socio-cultural involvement;
  • Network with other ethnic communities and organisations in promoting cultural diversity;
  • Work towards educating Southeast Asian communities and facilitate their integration into social mainstream; and,
  • Advance efforts toward promoting humanitarian agenda for Southeast Asia.


To accomplish our six key objectives, we will: 

  • Provide advocacy and policy representation;
  • Organise teach-ins, seminars and alternative education classes;
  • Network with government and the private sectors;
  • Promote emergency preparedness and encourage volunteerism;
  • Initiate socio-cultural events to showcase cultural understanding; and,
  • Conduct fund-raising activities.